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We serve as a source for investors could diversify their portfolios with gold, silver, platinum and palladium for less money than typically found elsewhere. We have never made any guarantees about always having the lowest price on any of our products. However, our prices are consistently competitive and many times lower than our competition.

Unlike many of our gold dealer competitors, we do not have any hidden fees or charges.

Bullion & Precious Metals Dealer

As a leading online bullion dealer, we offer great service and terrific prices. The volume of business we do allows us to purchase precious metals in larger quantities at discounts and pass the savings on to you.

We are a active in buying and selling most precious metals including bars, wafers and coins. We carry all U.S. Mint bullion products including gold, silver and platinum American Eagles. We also sell all Royal Canadian Mint Products including the gold, silver and platinum Maple Leafs as well as Krugerrands of South Africa. Additionally, we make markets in most gold bullion coins of any other foreign country.

Sell Your American Eagle Silver Coins Today!

Southwest Bullion Sell Your SilverAmerican Silver Eagles, Chinese Silver Pandas, BU Silver Coins, Australian Silver Koala, Canadian Silver Maples , Austrian Silver Philharmonics, Mexican Silver Libertads, British Silver Britannias, St Gaudens Style Silver Rounds, Buffalo Style Silver Rounds, Morgan Style Silver Rounds, Engelhard Prospector Rounds, Australian Silver Kookaburras, Australian Lunar Series Silver, Gilded Silver Coins, Enameled Silver Coins, AMERO Silver Coins, Shawnee Nation Silver Coins, Silver Proof Coins.

"Hunting for a seasoned professional broker?" It is tough to separate the professionals from the beginners. Everybody desires the same thing when searching: a reasonable deal, trustworthiness, and honesty.

Fortunately, that makes our job simpler. Our single focused is to deliver an honest reasonable deal. We will ensure that you get everything you would like. We serve a wide variety of clients and their demands. This is how we stay in business. We offer one of the highest valued service in the State of Texas. We focus our efforts to establish a trusted relationship with all of our clients. That gives us a customers for life, and gives you a trusted advisor and resource.

We deliver simply the best results at a reasonable cost. Your full satisfaction with our services is our top priority. We make two way markets in all our products. To sell your silver stacker bars or coins, just email us at , or call us at 1 (281) 531-7760.

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